Accommodation for 2021/22

Students in Lancaster Square

If you are a current undergraduate and would like to apply for accommodation for 2021/22, you can apply online from today. Please read on for the full details.

To apply, simply log in to the accommodation portal and select 2021/22. You can apply for campus accommodation in your own College, or for our city accommodation at Chancellor's Wharf.

Deadlines & Guarantees

The deadline for applications is Monday 25 January 2021. Your Accommodation Manager will confirm whether we can offer you a room or if you are on our waiting list shortly after that. For most categories of returning student there is no guarantee of accommodation, and where demand exceeds supply students entering their final year are prioritised over those going in to second year.



If you are currently studying on a year away from the University (abroad or on a work placement), you are guaranteed a place on campus if you want it, providing you apply by Monday 25 January. Unfortunately late applications will be placed in a queue with all other applicants.

If you feel that you have a disability or special requirement that makes living on campus a necessity you must discuss them with your Accommodation Manager in advance of 25 January and you will normally be expected to provide medical evidence from a UK doctor if you haven't already done so. You should proceed to apply in the usual way, writing in the ‘Additional Notes’ field that you have such a requirement for living on campus.


Note for students planning to study away next year

If you are planning to study abroad in 2021/22, please don’t apply for campus accommodation. If you subsequently don’t get the grades you need, we have an arrangement with the International Office that we will find you a room on campus, or at Chancellor's Wharf if you prefer.

If you are planning a work placement, please discuss the situation with your Accommodation Manager before applying. Any contract that you enter in to is legally binding and you would remain liable for the fees even if you weren’t studying here in person.


Study Group/Foundation Students

Students currently with the International Study Centre should NOT apply for a room in this way. If you are successful on your course and begin a full degree in 2021, you will be invited to apply as a first year in summer 2021, with a different student ID number.



If you want to live with friends, you need to nominate a group leader in advance and put their name and student ID number in the required field on the web form. You all need to belong to the same college (unless you're applying to Chancellor's Wharf) and be applying for the same kind of accommodation.

REMEMBER: You all still need to submit an application - including the group leader! Just put the leader's ID on yours in the right place so they will all be grouped together.


Chancellors Wharf

The application form allows you to apply for accommodation in your own college or Chancellors Wharf, the University's only managed halls of residence in the city centre. Chancellor's Wharf has 244 Standard with Washbasin rooms in three blocks by the Lancaster Canal. The Water Witch pub is just opposite and the infirmary bus stop just a three minute walk away. The flats come in different sizes to suit different groups and many rooms have balconies or canal views.



If you wish to apply for a studio you can do this via the online application. As only Pendle and Grizedale have studios, successful applicants would be offered studio accommodation on Alexandra Park. Please complete the form highlighting the choice of room you would like if a studio is unavailable so that we can best accommodate you if we cannot offer you a studio.


Family Flats

If you wish to be housed as a couple in a one-bed flat, or with your children, you may be eligible to apply for a family flat. Please be aware that postgraduates are given priority and we are unable to advise undergraduates if they have been successful or not until the summer.

If you wish to be housed as a couple but your priority is to be on campus, then we would advise you to apply for two single rooms and contact the flats team in the summer about the possibility of upgrading if there are family flat vacancies.

Making you an offer

If your application is successful we will make you an offer soon after the initial cut-off point on 25 January. You will have 7 days to accept that offer and it will be legally binding. This means that you are obliged to pay the accommodation fees in full for the duration of the contract even where you choose to arrive later or depart earlier.



Please note that we are unable to offer accommodation to students currently in debt to the University. If you are offered accommodation and subsequently encounter financial difficulties, you will be expected to clear outstanding amounts due by the end of June. If this happens, you must discuss the situation with your Accommodation Manager to make arrangements and agree a payment plan. Failure to agree a plan may result in you being issued with a notice to cancel the accommodation agreement.

We are also unable to accommodate students in breach of the student code of discipline or the Terms & Conditions of residence.

If you wish to apply, you can apply here now.

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