Immunologists in Conversation with Grizedale College

Virus illustration © Fusion Medical Animation Unsplash
Virus illustration

Ever wondered how microbes interact with your immune system? What happens when we get vaccinated against deadly diseases? What does herd immunity mean? Does a vaccine affect an unborn foetus? Why are there so many different types of vaccine? 

We are pleased to be able to continue our “In Conversation” series with the Principal. This time she is bringing in a panel of Immunologists who do their research in the Department of Biomedical and Life Sciences. The panel include:

·       Dr Lucy Jackson-Jones

·       Dr Mohammad Munir

·       Dr Leonie Unterholzner

·       Dr John Worthington

They will be telling us about their “Life Scientific” in the depths of our immune systems and are very open to any questions you may have.

We will be on the upper level of Grizedale bar on Tuesday, November 16th 2021. If there is demand for a bigger venue or if we need to switch to Teams because of any Government-directed regulation change, we will let you know in advance. Please book your place here:

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