Let's Talk!

Silhouettes of two people sat on chairs against a sun set.

The world still feels very uncertain for most of us, our lives have been changed significantly in all sorts of ways. The Counselling & Mental Health Service are offering one-off appointments where you can book in to speak with a practitioner. No need for a referral, just telephone 01524 592690 after 10am to book

They can offer you a safe space to talk about how you are feeling, about any worries and uncertainties you may be having right now. You may feel more emotional than usual, feeling exhausted and don't know why, you might feel uncertain about what the future holds or how you can stay connected to others and feeling isolated.

The team is there for you, to help and support you.

These are one off, easy appointments which are available throughout the week, with no need for a self-referral.

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