LU Homes - Flatmate Finder Message Board

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If you're looking for a flatemate/s for the academic year 24/25, then post a message on the LU Homes Message Board to connect with other students. The site can also be used to advertise any vacant rooms.

  1. Follow the link to the LU Homes website:
  2. Click on 'Message Board' at the top of the screen. (If using the site for the first time you might be asked to log in with your University credentials)
  3. To post a message, click on the button 'Post Your Message Here' on the right side of the screen

LU Homes is the official accreditation scheme for student housing in Lancaster.

Students are encouraged to attend the LU Homes Student Housing Fair on 21st November, 12-4pm in the Great Hall before signing any off campus accommodation contracts.

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