Talking Series

Innovation Methodologies for Defense Challenges - 26th February - 28th February 2019

Part of the gesture of the IMDC is to talk about resistance to change. One such resistance is how authoritative, overly formal, pre-defined settings and ideas of what something is, prevents innovative thinking and inhibits change. The invitations to participate (below) hope to soften some pre-defined edges of what a conference looks like, whilst maintaining structure and guidance. With is in mind, plan your ‘session’ with no presentation software, just prepare your words, and images if needed.

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Programme of Events



The IMDC conference organisers are pleased to publish the programme of events for the conference, along with speaker details. Abstracts of planned talks and panels will be available for all speakers & presenters and will be released in the near future.

If you would like to download a PDF of the programme of events, please click on the link here:

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