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Meet the digital ambassador team for the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

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During 2021/22 Lancaster University students shared their experiences of doing an arts and social sciences degree, from what their course is like to what they get up to when they're not studying.


Hi! I’m Catherine and I’m a Second-Year Fine Art and Theatre Student! I’m originally from Birmingham but I’m currently living in the centre of Lancaster with the 3 friends I shared a floor with in a County Townhouse last year.

When applying for University I was originally looking for exclusively Fine Art degrees, but when I saw I could study Fine Art AND Theatre here at Lancaster I jumped at the chance! Being able to explore both disciplines has been a great creative outlet for me - I have even began finding ways of combining the two in my art studio practise. I don’t just create Art for my degree though, I frequently work on commissioned pieces – mostly pet portraits – as well as designing and selling prints and greetings cards.

You can check out my art on my Instagram - @CatherinePointon_Art

Another exciting part of my university experience is being a part of the exec team of a new society – LICA Soc! I’m the treasurer and I can’t wait until we’re fully up and running so we can give LICA a new sense of community.

Outside of my studies, I have a tonne of hobbies to keep me busy. I love spending time at the gym and have recently taken up Pole Fitness and Climbing. Not only is it a great way to keep healthy but also to de-stress after a long day of Uni work! Art and Theatre aren’t my only creative outlets either – I have been playing the Drums since I was 10 so music is a great passion of mine. I also love doing colourful and creative makeup looks in my spare time (some of which you can see on my Instagram as well).

I’m really looking forward to being a Digital Content Ambassador this year and I really hope you find my posts useful and informative (and entertaining of course!)

Catherine smiling into the camera


Hi there! I’m Giles. I don’t come from far away (Manchester), but my original hometown is Norman, Oklahoma. I’m an architecture student and being part of the first-ever cohort of this degree is really exciting. I hope to be an architect practising all over the world in countries I never thought I’d go to.

In the evenings, I love to go for a run around campus, taking different routes to shake it up a bit. If you see me around on a run, give me a wave! I also like walking into the kitchen and cooking something from scratch I have never made before and praying for the best. My flatmates are almost certain I have no idea what I’m doing in the kitchen, but I’ve slowly been making a recipe book out of my culinary successes.

As an architecture student, it is very full-on and so when I get free time, I like to edit photographs I have taken on Photoshop. It is my new-found hobby since being able to access so many great IT programmes through the university.

Lancaster is such a diverse university; I have met so many people from so many places which only drives me to travel and explore as far as I can!

If you want to see what’s going on in the Lancaster School of Architecture, you can find me on Instagram @gilez.architecture

Giles smiling into the camera


I’m Helena Wong, a MA Creative Writing student at Lancaster. I’m born and raised in Hong Kong and this is my first time living in an English speaking country for more than half a year. I love sharing my stories with people all over the world through my writing and various social media platforms. I especially love vlogging because it allows me to be super talkative!

I am a massive Harry Potter fan and a Hufflepuff. I have watched loads of K-dramas and Japanese anime since I was little, and realised I am especially attracted to the fantasy ones! I am also a huge foodie and bookworm so I am constantly searching for good places especially cafes to read and write at. I have a lot of hobbies and interests like drawing, playing the piano and singing etc., and I'm still adding to the list.

My Social Media Accounts:

Main Instagram: @j.m.wong

YouTube channel: JollyMollyWongTV

Helena smiling into the camera, outside under a blue sky.


Hi! I’m Jay, I’m a first year Architecture student. I’m originally from a tiny town in Portugal but I’ve been in the UK for three years, nearly four. I moved completely by myself at 15 to find a better education, so far I’ve lived in Andover, Cornwall and now Lancaster.

Since Architecture is an intense course, sometimes it’s hard to get involved with activities outside of the work. Despite that, whenever I can I always make sure I spend time with my friends, mainly my flatmates. I also sew things and do other crafty stuff such as painting and drawing.

As well as that, I always make sure I say yes to as much as I can. the ECO challenge 2022 which I just recently completed, student ambassador roles such as RIBA outreach programs and the Digital Content Ambassador role for Architecture and any other activities that might come up.

If you have any questions about Lancaster University, the LICA department and even just Architecture as a first year, feel free to message me on social media.

Instagram: @mjaygomes or @mjaygomes.lsa

LinkedIn: Jayne Devers Gomes


Hi everyone! My name is Jessica and I’m a first-year LLB Law with Politics student. I’m Nigerian and from London. I currently live on campus at Fylde College.

In my spare time, I love to watch films; read books (literally anything feminist, written by POC authors or dystopia) and campaign as a human rights activist. I enjoy my degree because it encompasses all of these interests. As a law with politics student: I get to learn about how our justice system works to protect the interest of UK citizens; I get to study, read and examine numerous cases and pretend that my life is just as interesting as Annalise Keating from How to get away with murder on Netflix.

I intend to make videos that provide insight into life at Lancaster University from the eyes of a first-year Nigerian Law with Politics student.

Jessica sitting and looking to the side.


Hi everyone! I’m Kerrie, a County College student from the Lake District.

I study Social Work where I focus on improving people’s lives by helping with difficulties, promoting human rights and wellbeing. I am doing placements in the area I am most interested in, with young people and youth justice.

When I’m not working you can find me with pizza in one hand and a cocktail in the other! In my first year I was part of County College netball team, meeting some amazing girls, spending most of my nights in Crafty’s (the Crafty Scholar) followed by Sugar (The Sugarhouse) and wearing some awful outfits. Have to say I was better at participating in the socials rather than the actual games!

I am a fundraising co-ordinator for SKIP Lancaster where I plan fundraising events to raise money for our summer project to Sri-Lanka (thanks COVID, ruined that one 2 years running!). When I’m at home I like going on walks in the Lake District, spending time with friends and family and exploring new little cafés. I hope to be able to do this more around Lancaster now that things have opened up again.

I am excited to continue on as part of the digital ambassador team this year and expand on my role as a student ambassador for the Social Work department through creating some blogs.

If you want to ask any questions, please follow my Instagram: @k3rrie___

Kerrie smiling into the camera.


Hi, I’m Nathan, and I’m doing a degree in French Studies and Spanish Studies. I come from County Durham in the North East of England.

I am a member of County College and, having lived in Townhouse accommodation on campus, I now have a flat at the heart of Lancaster city centre with my friends.

I studied French at A Level, and after visiting Mexico many times with my family I was inspired to start learning Spanish from scratch at university. My favourite thing about doing a languages degree at Lancaster is that it allows me to explore the contemporary Francophone and Hispanic worlds; my special area of interest is the politics, history, and society of Latin America. I will be doing my International Placement Year hopefully with two work placements: in France and then in Mexico.

When I’m not studying, my interests are current affairs, politics, and history. I am actively engaged in the Lancaster student political community and was on the executive committee of a political society. I also really enjoy walking, reading, and learning new languages – I’m currently dabbling in a little bit of German outside of my studies.

My favourite sport is swimming, and I have worked as a lifeguard at my local swimming pool in County Durham since I was sixteen. When at Lancaster, I work part-time at a local leisure centre.

Twitter: @N_Gaskill

Instagram: @nathan_gaskill

Nathan smiling into the camera.


Hi! My name is Rebecca and I am currently a 3rd year Media and Cultural Studies student. I am a northern girl through and through, being originally from Durham but I have lived in the North West for nearly 4 years now.

I love my degree because I have the opportunity to study a variety of topics from feminism, advertising, social media and television. I started my Lancaster journey studying Marketing with Psychology, but it was through the minor module scheme that I found my passion for media. Outside of my degree, I love musical theatre, so you’ll often find me in a theatre if I’m not at uni!

I am a huge fan of tv and film (kind of a given because I do a media degree!) so I spend a lot of my time on Netflix. One of my favourite shows is The Circle, I love the twist it plays on traditional reality television, incorporating new forms of identity play which makes it a really interesting show!

I’m excited to be a digital content ambassador and share some of my Lancaster experience with you all!

Instagram: @rebecca_1602

Rebecca smiling into the camera, standing in front of a colourful archway.

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