Speakers: Professor Anna Vignoles and Her Honour Judge Carol Atkinson

Administrative data has huge, and as yet largely untapped, potential for social science research in the U.K. However, it is not without its methodological, practical and ethical challenges. Anna Vignoles, Cambridge University, will discuss the future of the administrative data research infrastructure in The U.K. and in particular the new ESRC Administrative Data Research UK centre (ADRUK). She will illustrate the scope for administrative data to become far more central to social science research in the U.K. going forward but also argue that it has greatest potential when combined with other rich data, such as the U.K. longitudinal and cohort studies.  Anna will be followed by Judge Carol Atkinson, who will talk about the use of data in the judicial system from a real-world perspective, focussing on the opportunities and challenges to the use of evidence in practice.
About the speakers:
Anna Vignoles is Professor of Education at the University of Cambridge.  She is an ESRC Council member and chaired the steering group for the ESRC Longitudinal Studies Review.  She is also a trustee of the Nuffield Foundation and a member of the advisory board of the Sutton Trust.  Anna has extensive experience of using large scale administrative data to study factors relating to pupil achievement and students’ outcomes from education.
Her Honour Judge Carol Atkinson is an alumnus of Lancaster University (Law – 1984) and the Designated Family Judge for East London and She was given a unique opportunity to create the new East London Family Court from scratch across four local county courts with a brand-new court building in Canary Wharf, London Docklands. East London now has the largest number of public law cases across the London region and across the country.  They also take one half of all of London and Greater London private law and injunction cases.

The event will be followed by a wine reception.
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