Adam Blaney

Lecturer in Responsive Architecture

Research Overview

My research interest is in developing multi-adaptive material systems (digital and physical) that are scalable to imagine cities as ‘living’ ecosystems, capable of sharing and replenishing resources and rejuvenating wider ecologies/habitats.

Investigating this research is done through making i.e. Research Through Design. Meaning, a series of physical and digital prototypes/material probes are developed, which enable interdisciplinary collaboration and inform implications.

Creative Science - a collaborative journey through Design and Chemistry
Participation in workshop, seminar, course

Public Lecture/ Debate/Seminar

TEA Talks
Participation in conference -Mixed Audience

Employing RtD as an Approach to Develop [RE]Programmable Matter
Invited talk

Education and research in Computer Aided Architectural Design in Europe
Participation in conference -Mixed Audience

  • Evaluation
  • Imagination Lancaster
  • Makers
  • More than Human
  • School of Architecture
  • Worldbuilding