Dr Laura Hughes-Gerber

Lecturer in Law (Human Rights)

Research Overview

Laura's research consists of two separate strands: Public International Law and Legal Education.

In Public International Law, Laura's research interests focus on the areas of International Diplomatic Law and International Human Rights Law. She has recently completed a monograph based upon her doctoral research on the issue of diplomatic asylum under international law, which was published in 2021. This work focuses on exploring whether a legal basis for the practice of diplomatic asylum can be identified in treaty law, customary international law or based upon humanitarian considerations.

Laura's collaborative research in the field of Legal Education (with colleagues Dr Noel McGuirk and Dr Rafael Savva) focuses on advancing student support provision in Legal Education. In several forthcoming book chapters, a taxonomy and a set of design principles to promote student wellbeing are introduced. Currently, Laura, Noel and Rafael are also undertaking empirical research in this regard.