Dr Mark McLay

Lecturer in 20th Century US History

Research Overview

My main research interests lie in the post-1960s United States.

Primarily, I am interested in the extent to which the United States has polarised since 1960, and the ways in which this has manifested in American politics, society, and culture. I am currently working on a project exploring why the US continued to polarise in an era of relative prosperity (1992-2008).

I have a long held interest and expertise in US Elections and I have done multiple public engagement events in US election years.

My other interests lie in the effect that wars have had in reshaping US politics, society, and culture. In this regard, I have a special interest in both the Vietnam War and the most recent Iraq War.

I also have some niche interests in anything to do with the history of sleep, the history of fertility/surrogacy, and the history of neuroscience.