Dr Temidayo Eseonu

Lecturer in Politics and Policy


I am interested in the struggle for racial justice and the means through which this can be achieved, focusing particularly on the interplay of the politics of Black youth and urban governance. I use new institutionalism as an analytical framework for what facilitates or constrains the design and implementation of racially just policies.

I engage with transformational and emancipatory concepts in social sciences to clarify and theorize about the processes—both intellectual and material—through which political actors (racially minoritised communities, policymakers, service providers and so forth) form, function within, replicate, dissolve, and restructure political worlds. My research places emphasis on deliberative and participatory processes which cultivate spaces for the 'voice-of-colour' to imagine a racially just world and the politics to influence the implementation of racially just policies.

I am also the founding convenor of the Racial Equity in Policy Network, a network for policymakers in the North of England interested in addressing racial inequalities. Policymakers range from those who develop policy to those who implement policy.