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Aaron - My summer internship experience

Hi, I’m Aaron. I’m a Philosophy, Politics and Economics student. In this blog, I discuss my experience of finding and securing an internship with financial software company, FIS.

Getting the role

Having previously applied for some internships at various companies, I began to appreciate how incredibly competitive some internship positions are.

Roughly 600 people applied for my internship role.

I feel extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity of working for FIS, a financial software company that specialises in digital transactions.

Some of my colleagues in FIS told me that individuals that can demonstrate extracurricular interests outside of their degree are more likely to be successful in attaining an internship position.

The Lancaster University Careers Team helped polish my CV and offered me insightful advice on how to demonstrate my skills in the best light possible.

I found the internship role via the Lancaster Target Connect page, a website provided by the Lancaster Careers Team that displays vacancies suitable for Lancaster University students.

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Transferring skills

As a Philosophy, Politics and Economics student, much of my degree focuses on analytical and critical thinking.

The skills I’ve developed were applicable to many tasks.

When it came to putting my opinion across in group situations, I believe the debating and researching skills I’ve developed through Politics and Philosophy certainly helped.

The mathematical aspect of my Economics degree helped me work through various spreadsheets and solve arithmetic-related problems that would arise.

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Looking ahead...

Across my first and second year at university, I often wondered what I’d end up doing after I graduate.

Towards the end of second year, I believed I would end up doing a Master’s in Philosophy.

Having said this, I’ve been offered the position of Transformation Consultant at FIS when I graduate.

Though I’m extremely excited about joining FIS, I’m dreading the day when I say ‘goodbye’ to Lancaster University as I’ve had such a great time here.

It’s reassuring to know where my future lies.

Aaron is a third year undergraduate at Lancaster University, and is studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics.

Lancaster University employs students to create authentic content from a student perspective. All views expressed in this article are those of the students, and do not necessarily reflect the views or position of Lancaster University.