My experience of being in Pendle College

by Emma Swindlehurst

Throughout my past 3 years at Lancaster University, I have really enjoyed being part of Pendle College. I have met so many great people through being in this college, and it has felt like a home away from home. There are many things that have made my experience what it was, these include:

Pendle college netball team logo

Pendle Netball and Football

I joined Pendle Netball in my first year of Uni. I was not very good at netball, but that didn’t matter. Everyone was really friendly and welcoming. You don’t have to be good at netball, it is just a great place to meet some really nice people. Pendle Netball turned out to be my favourite part of being in this college. I have met some of my best friends and made so many amazing memories. From netball training to netball games to the socials, I’ve had a bundle of laughs and would recommend it to anyone.

Within Pendle Netball we have joint socials and joint meals with Pendle Football, and this has enabled both groups to become good friends. We watch their football matches and they come and support our netball matches, and it creates a really nice environment.

Pendle Live

Pendle Live is a live music event held every Thursday night in Pendle Rooms, which is Pendle College’s bar, and anyone from any of the colleges can perform. It is a nice environment for people who love music and want to perform music to an audience. Lots of my friends often performed so I enjoyed going to support them as I have always enjoyed listening to live music.

Pendle Rooms college bar
Pendle Live is held in the Pendle Rooms, our College bar.
Warriors competition logo


Warriors is a sporting event held between Pendle and Grizedale college every summer. Within the event you play netball, football, pool, darts, and dominos against members of Grizedale college. Anyone in the college can take part- you don’t already have to be part of these teams- or you can just go and watch.

I have always loved this event, as it is a brilliant atmosphere. We make signs, paint our faces, shout chants and it is so much fun. It is an event that I always look forward to at the end of the year and it really brings people together.

Pendle Extrav

At the end of every academic year every College holds an event called Extrav. Pendle Extrav has been one of the highlights of my Uni life. Each college has a theme and you come dressed up in that theme. They decorate their venue, have live music, and it’s just a really good night. It’s a nice way to celebrate all the hard work you’ve done that year.

This year the theme for Pendle is Enchanted Forest and so we are invited to come dressed up to match this theme. One of the best parts about the event is creating your costume and seeing how everyone’s interpreted the theme.

Extrav end of year party at night
Pendle extrav is one of the highlights of my uni life (image taken prior to the pandemic)

I would recommend Pendle College to anyone who’s looking to be in a College that’s really friendly, holds exciting and fun events and makes you feel welcome and at home.


Emma is a third year undergraduate at Lancaster University and is studying Sociology.

Lancaster University employs students to create authentic content from a student perspective. All views expressed in this article are those of the students, and do not necessarily reflect the views or position of Lancaster University.