Podcast: the road to Lancaster

Lancaster Student Franco
Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies student Franco

Follow Franco as he starts his studies at Lancaster

Originally from Mexico, Franco has come to the Lancaster to start a postgraduate degree in Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies. He's recording a series of podcasts about his experiences of moving to the UK and getting used to his new life at Lancaster University.

Episode one: a dream

Franco's journey from Mexico to Lancaster University begins.

View from an aeroplane window, with wing and clouds.

Episode two: the kitchen

Franco settles in at Lancaster University.

Students in a shared kitchen

Episode three: emerging opportunities

Franco explores opportunities for career development.

Shadow of two students on a country road

Episode four: an interview with Sole

Franco talks to his friend Sole, a PhD student from Chile, about how she has found studying and living at Lancaster University.

Scenic image of lake on Lancaster University campus

Episode five: an interview with Val

Valerie, who is originally from Moldova, talks to Franco about life at Lancaster University - the community, support and opportunities to get involved.

Students socialising by canal in Lancaster

Episode six: an interview with Zach

Franco talks to friend Zach about his time at Lancaster, in particular working with academic staff and projects he is involved in.

Main square on campus at sunset