Lancaster Translation and Intercultural Communication Conference

Friday 1 July 2022, 7:00am to 10:00am



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All Lancaster University (non-partner) students, External Organisations, Postgraduates, Public, Staff, Undergraduates


Free to attend - registration required

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Please go to the Wechat page to view the QR codes for access to the conference: 孔院动态|兰卡斯特大学跨文化交流与翻译研讨会将于7月1日正式召开! (

Event Details

Please note: The conference is online and free to attend. This conference will be in both Chinese Mandarin and English.

Host: Lancaster University Department of Languages and Cultures

Lancaster University Confucius Institute

Academic Partners: Xidian University

Guangdong University of Foreign Studies School of English Education (SEE)

The Lancaster Translation and Intercultural Communication Conference aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research findings in all aspects of languages and translation research. It also provides a premier interdisciplinary platform for researchers, experts and students to present and discuss the latest innovations, trends and concerns as well as practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted in the field of interpreting and translation.

The Lancaster Translation and Intercultural Communication Conference will be from 7.00am BST (2.00pm CST )to 10am BST (5pm CST) on Friday 1 July.

Please find the conference schedule below:

7.00am-7.03am: Opening remarks: Dr Derek Hird - Head of Department of Languages and Cultures, Lancaster University

7.03am-7.06am: Welcome: Dr Erika Fulop - Director of Postgraduate Studies, Lancaster University

7.06am-8.45am:1st 主旨报告 keynote speech 【会议号:156 369 190】

7.06am-7.10am: Panel Chair: 张浩敏 教授 - 华东师范大学外语学院副院长

7.10am-7.30am: Speaker 1: Professor Jinghui Wang - Department of Foreign Languages and Cultures, Tsinghua University

7.30am-7.50am: Speaker 2: Professor Heping Wu - Dean of College of International Cultural Exchange, Northwest Normal University

7.50am-8.05am: Speaker 3: Dr Amily Guenier - Deputy Director of Confucius Institute, Lancaster University

8.05am-8.20am: Speaker 4: Professor Xiaofei Wei - Doctoral Supervisor, School of Foreign Languages, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

8.20am-8.35am: Speaker 5: Professor Pan Zhen - Dean of School of Foreign Studies, Jiangsu Normal University

8.35am-8.45am: Question and Answer session

8:50am-10:10am: 2nd panel- 分论坛报告 Sub-forum session

分论坛报告 1 跨文化交流【会议号:674-295-242】

8.50am-8.55am: Panel Chair 1: 熊涛 教授 - 广东外语外贸大学

8.55am-9.05am: Speaker 1: 白天宇 - 从电子游戏汉化看跨文化交流

9.05am-9.15am: Speaker 2: 赵宏 - Learning Culture in a Virtual Classroom

9.15am-9.25am: Speaker 3: 孙晨 - 跨文化语用视角下中国外交部发言人话语的翻译研 究

9.25am-9.35am: Speaker 4: Zhang Qiuxin - The Cross-cultural Values of Chinese Culture Teaching in Foreign Language Teaching: Retrospect and Reflection from 1992 to 2021

9.35am-9.45am: Speaker 5: 王卓雯 - Local and foreign: Orchid in different cultural perspectives

9.45am-9.55am: Speaker 6: 姜苓 - 健身文化与跨文化交际

9.55am-10.00am: Question and Answer session

分论坛报告 2 翻译与跨文化交流【会议号:328-860-532】

8.50am-8.55am: Panel Chair 2: 程静 博士 - 西安电子科技大学 Deputy director of belt and road communication research

8.55am-9.05am: Speaker 1: Zhao Zichen - On the Strategies for Translating Chinese Culture-Specific Items

9.05am-9.15am: Speaker 2: 吴祖航 - 翻译与跨文化研究 Actor network theory

9.15am-9.25am: Speaker 3: 邹钰娴 - 跨文化交际视域下旅游景区公示语英译研究

9.25am-9.35am: Speaker 4: 卢开砚 - 中西方汽车文化融合对自主品牌国际传播能力的影 响研究

9.35am-9.45am: Speaker 5: Liexu Cai - The impact of intercultural engagement on cultural understanding

9.45am-9.55am: Speaker 6: 陈思甜 - 跨文化交际

9.55am-10.00am: Question and Answer session

分论坛报告 3 文学与翻译【会议号:249-471-718】

8.50am-8.55am: Panel Chair 3: 张海燕 博士 - 北京交通大学

8.55am-9.05am: Speaker 1: 赵亮 - 中国文学外译译者风格研究

9.05am-9.15am: Speaker 2: 黄祥 - Journey metaphor for losing weight

9.15am-9.25am: Speaker 3: 李霞 - 宇文所安英译杜诗中的读迹解

9.25am-9.35am: Speaker 4: 曲方圆 - 中德跨文化背景下的文学叙事研究

9.35am-9.45am: Speaker 5: Kaixuan Li and Yansheng Mao - 《易经》英译中的文化语用视角介入

9.45am-9.55am: Speaker 6: 杨陇 - 基于语料库的英译小说叙事进程的建构研究

9.55am-10.00am: Question and Answer session

分论坛报告 4 科技与翻译【会议号:282-920-898】

8.50am-8.55am: Panel Chair 4: 花亮 博士 - 上海大学

8.55am-9.05am: Speaker 1: 叶力齐 - 互联网去中心化背景下的流媒体字幕翻译全流程— 数字技术的应用与前景

9.05am-9.15am: Speaker 2: 冯勇 - “偏离度”视阈下的人工翻译与机器翻译对比研究

9.15am-9.25am: Speaker 3: 高晨熙 - Translation universals in machine translation

9.25am-9.35am: Speaker 4: Zhou Liziruo and Jiang Lihua - Synchronic communication and translation

9.35am-9.45am: Speaker 5: Chen Yukun - Crowdsourcing Translation as a Policy

9.45am-9.55am: Speaker 6: 孙菲 - A CiteSpace Analysis of the Research on Feminist Translation Theory in China

9.55am-10.00am: Question and Answer session

分论坛报告 5 翻译与语言学【会议号:269-849-070】

8.50am-8.55am: Panel Chair 5: 邹德艳 教授 - 大连外国语大学 高级翻译学院副院长

8.55am-9.05am: Speaker 1: Wanyu Fu - Corpus-assisted MTPE in E-C Subtitle Translation of Beauty Videos

9.05am-9.15am: Speaker 2: Han Qing - Interlingual live subtitling

9.15am-9.25am: Speaker 3: Bing Zou - A Comparative Study of Culture Differences between Huawei and Apple

9.25am-9.35am: Speaker 4: 张铄 - 文化翻译视阀下英国文学作品中的人物身份建构问题——以迪斯雷利小说《恩底弥翁》

9.35am-9.45am: Speaker 5: Cheng Qian - Call for Revolution: Lu Xun’s Influence on Ōshima

9.45am-9.55am: Speaker 6: 杜蕊 - 远程口译和现场口译质量评估对比研究

9.55am-10.00am: Question and Answer session

分论坛报告 6 多模态与翻译【会议号: 563-522-155】

8.50am-8.55am: Panel Chair 6: 张乐金 博士 - 江苏师范大学 外国语学院副院长

8.55am-9.05am: Speaker 1: 张乐金 - E-Textbook development for the courses on Intercultural Communication of National Image

9.05am-9.15am: Speaker 2: 万佳 - 中国特色文化术语的多模态翻译研究

9.15am-9.25am: Speaker 3: 季泽端 - 多模态翻译研究

9.25am-9.35am: Speaker 4: Jiahao Guo - English-Speaking Readers’ Perspectives of Omissions

9.35am-9.45am: Speaker 5: Jing Cheng and Shihua Li - Exploring an integrated approach to intercultural education in English language teaching in Chinese universities

9.45am-9.55am: Speaker 6: 李娟娟 任文 - 知识翻译学视角下的文化回译与知识反哺

9.55am-10.00am: Question and Answer session

分论坛报告 7 翻译与国际传播 【会议号: 984-142-484】

8.50am-8.55am: Panel Chair 7: 李涛 博士 - 上海海洋大学

8.55am-9.05am: Speaker 1: 李喆 - 生态翻译学的理论发展和国际传播

9.05am-9.15am: Speaker 2: 郭长誉 - 生态翻译学视域下的屈骚审美维度机制构建

9.15am-9.25am: Speaker 3: Ruijie Gao - 椭圆折射下王维诗歌在世界文学空间的生态译释

9.25am-9.35am: Speaker 4: 倪佳 - 传播学效果理论视阈下的译者主体性研究

9.35am-9.45am: Speaker 5: 郭怡轩 - 翻译模因论视角下汉语流行语的英译研究

9.45am-9.55am: Speaker 6: 孙彩霞 - 界域融合视角下《围城》中的比喻修辞英译研究

9.55am-10.00am: Question and Answer session

10.00am-10.05am: Closing remarks: Romain Bardot - Director of MA Translation, Lancaster University


Professor Heping Wu

Northwest Normal University

Professor Jinghui Wang

Tsinghua university

Professor Pan Zhen

Jiangsu Normal University

Professor Xiaofei Wei

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Wang Amily

Lancaster University Confucius Institute, Lancaster University

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