Vee Entwistle (VE-95-051)

English: Illustration by James Montgomery Flagg. "Copyrighted by Columbia Pictures Corp., New York, N. Y., 1937"., Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Vee (Vera) Entwistle became involved with Cinema Culture in 1930s Britain via recommendation from a fellow member of the Clarence Street Creative Writers Group in Bolton, Greater Manchester. One of five children, Mrs Entwistle was born in Bolton in 1926 and had lived in the town all her life. Her father was a regular soldier who became a miner on leaving the Army, and her mother took in washing. Her first job on leaving school at the age of fourteen was as a weaver, and she later worked as a confectioner. In the 1990s, she described herself as a writer and performer.

A fan of the singing duo Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald, Mrs Entwistle took part in four interviews, all conducted in Bolton and all involving other CCINTB informants. She participated in a three-person interview, conducted at Bolton Library, with Dorris (Doris) Braithwaite and Kath (Kathleen) Browne (11 May 1995), and in a day-long session alongside Dorris Braithwaite that included a screening and discussion of the Eddy/MacDonald film Maytime (5 June 1995). She also acted as support and interpreter for the hearing-impaired interviewee Norman Wild (16 May and 13 June 1995). Mrs Entwistle donated to CCINTB a booklet produced by the Clarence Street Writers Group called 'Times Remembered' to which she had contributed, and a booklet of her own poems.

Note: The interview links below relate to the interviews that were conducted with Dorris Braithwaite. Those where Mrs Entwistle supported Norman Wild can be accessed via his home page