Lancaster academics contribute to Bank of England analysis of financial-stability implications of cyber risk

21 December 2018 12:50
A picture of the Bank of England
The Bank of England

Two Lancaster University academics have co-authored the Bank of England Quarterly Bulletin’s first article on cyber risk, focussing on its potential for systemic impact.

Dr Daniel Prince, a Senior Lecturer in Cyber Security, and Dr Kim Kaivanto, a Lecturer in Economics, co-authored the report along with Phil Warren, Deputy Chief Information Security Officer at the Bank of England.

The topical article ‘Could a cyber attack cause a systemic impact in the financial sector’ was published by the Bank of England as part of its Quarterly Bulletin on December 21. Read the full report here:

The Bank of England’s Quarterly Bulletin explores topics on monetary and financial stability and includes regular commentary on market developments and UK monetary policy operations.

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