Funded PhDs

Apply for a funded PhD position

We offer a range of PhDs funded by different sources, such as research councils, industries or charities.

To apply for a funded PhD please read the advertised project information carefully as requirements will vary between funders. The project information will include details of funding eligibility, application deadline dates and links to application forms. Only applicants who have a relevant background and meet the funding criteria can be considered.

1. Current PhD Opportunities


2. Create your application

You will need to put in an application to the University's online application system. Please follow the University's guidance regarding the required documentation.

Please make sure to include a CV (mandatory, maximum of two pages) including your previous degrees and graduation grades, as well as any relevant skills. Where it applies, also include awards of excellence, publications, and links to code releases, such as through GitHub.

Please follow all of the requirements. Not adhering to these requirements may at best delay the processing of your application, and at worst might result in immediate rejection. The preferred format for all supporting documents is PDF.

2.1. Your Research Proposal

Please note that even if you are applying for a funded PhD position, you will need to develop a proposal.

At the top of the first page of the Research Proposal, please include the following information:


  • A clear indication of the SCC research group(s) you want to work with.
  • A list of two or three works that are similar to your proposal. This list is in addition to any other references you may wish to include.


  • The names of the SCC academic(s) you want to work with. Please also indicate if you would like us to consider your application if your preferred supervision team is not possible.

2.2. Your Personal Statement

A personal statement is mandatory and should be a maximum of one page. The document should explain your motivation to work on your chosen project and a little about your background.