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The Digital Health group leads interdisciplinary research in the use of digital technology to transform health and care delivery and to empower individuals to lead a healthy life. Our vision is to change the current reactive primary care system (a point-of-care paradigm) into a proactive Health Navigator. That is a continuum-of-care paradigm capable of providing personalised and timely guidance and interventions while availing real-time, individual- and population-level health information to individuals, the National Health Services (NHS) and its associated integrated care systems (ICS), and policymakers.

We aim to contribute to transforming the NHS’s role from treating diseases and illnesses to ensuring individuals remain healthy and health-navigated at all times. We hope to radically reduce illness incidences and associated cost and staffing burden on the NHS. The group develops secure informatics and cybernetics platforms as it co-designs solutions for a variety of populations, diseases, conditions, or concerns. The group is also leading innovative research on the “digital plumbing” of living spaces, including homes, planned living communities, and green grass small town developments. The group also contributes to requisite and underpinning research in the areas of Internet of Things, mobile and pervasive computing, microservices, accessibility, and health data analytics.