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We are a group of researchers actively engaged with our Cyber Security Research Centre. This centre is an NCSC/EPSRC Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Research (ACE-CSR).

For more details of the research work our Cyber Security Research Centre undertakes and who is involved from across the university, please visit the website.

Research Areas

Our research focus areas are:

  • Cyber-physical socio-technical systems security and resilience
  • Large-scale network security and resilience
  • Cybersecurity risk management in complex socio-technical systems
  • Design of secure and resilient distributed and cloud-based platforms

We develop new experimental approaches, both practical and theoretical, to understand the complex interactions within Systems of Socio-Technical Systems (SoSTS). We focus on the long term underlying principles and challenges driving security issues in SoSTS. We provide a core security-focused grouping within the University's Cyber Security Research Centre (CSRC), alongside other research groups in SCC and other departments.

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