Major cyber programme to help Lancashire businesses

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A team of leading cyber experts at one of the UK’s top universities is ready to help businesses across Lancashire to grow, innovate and secure themselves in an increasingly digital world.

Focusing on creating strong business strategies, and helping to develop innovative products and services, in a world that is increasing reliant on digital platforms, the £2.1 million ‘Lancashire Cyber Foundry’ will engage with 320 small and medium sized enterprises across the county.

Part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) the programme will enable business leaders to draw on the knowledge and experience of Lancaster University cyber security, digital innovation and business-support experts.

These engagements will be delivered through a blend of digital workshops, online modules, and software development, putting cyber security and cyber innovation at the forefront.

Businesses are invited to the Lancashire Cyber Foundry’s first ‘Breakfast Networking’ event, which takes place between 9.30am and 11.30am on July 2nd.

The event, delivered through the Zoom video conferencing platform, will help business leaders think about their digital future and how they can defend, innovate and grow in the current business climate. There will also be an opportunity to find out about the full range of free support available from the Lancashire Cyber Foundry, and to explore experiences and ideas with like-minded businesses.

The key speaker for the session will be Dr Daniel Prince, Senior Lecturer in Security and Protection Science at Lancaster University, specialist in Cyber Risk Management and Network Security.

He said: “Cyber security is more than just a defensive approach and a cost to business. Cyber security technologies are the key to many modern innovations from keeping your video chats with your family private, to being able unlock your phone with your face! This programme helps to instil cyber innovation at the heart of your business strategy.”

The Lancashire Cyber Foundry is a proven model that draws on successful elements from Lancaster University’s other business-focused cyber projects, including the Greater Manchester Cyber Foundry (also part-funded by the ERDF), which supports SMEs in Greater Manchester, and shares the same principles of sharing expertise to help defend, innovate and grow businesses.

Dr Prince said: “Current world events have shown us all just how valuable digital services are to people, but also to business. This is only going to increase in the future and we are passionate about helping companies across Lancashire to release new products, grow in size and revenue, and to do this securely.

“We’re launching the programme that with our first digital Breakfast Networking Event and we would encourage businesses across all sectors in Lancashire to register to take part and see how we can help them prepare for their digital future.”

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