Professor Hans Gellersen


Research Overview

My interest is in HCI, human interface technology, and the design of novel sensing and interaction techniques for anything from smart devices to AR/VR. I am particularly interested in eye movement and recently won an ERC Advanced Grant to investigate new foundations in for gaze and gestural interaction. Over the last ten years, my group has contributed major innovations on gaze in HCI, notably on smooth pursuit interfaces and techniques, gaze-supported manual input, and eye-head interaction. We have recently focussed on interaction in 3D but I maintain long-standing interests in ubiquitous computing, cross-device interaction and interfaces that blend the digital and the virtual. For an overview of my current research and team see

Selected Publications

Radi-Eye: Hands-Free Radial Interfaces for 3D Interaction using Gaze-Activated Head-Crossing
Sidenmark, L., Potts, D., Bapisch, B., Gellersen, H. 8/05/2021
Conference contribution/Paper

BimodalGaze: Seamlessly Refined Pointing with Gaze and Filtered Gestural Head Movement
Sidenmark, L., Mardanbegi, D., Ramirez Gomez, A., Clarke, C., Gellersen, H. 2/06/2020
Conference contribution/Paper

Outline Pursuits: Gaze-assisted Selection of Occluded Objects in Virtual Reality
Sidenmark, L., Clarke, C., Zhang, X., Phu, J., Gellersen, H. 23/04/2020
Conference contribution/Paper

Eye, Head and Torso Coordination During Gaze Shifts in Virtual Reality
Sidenmark, L., Gellersen, H. 17/12/2019 In: ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction. 27, 1, 31 p.
Journal article

SuperVision: Playing with Gaze Aversion and Peripheral Vision
Ramirez Gomez, A., Gellersen, H. 4/05/2019
Conference contribution/Paper

MatchPoint: Spontaneous Spatial Coupling of Body Movement for Touchless Pointing
Clarke, C., Gellersen, H.G. 22/10/2017
Conference contribution/Paper

Motion Correlation: Selecting Objects by Matching Their Movement: Selecting Objects by Matching Their Movement
Velloso, E., Carter, M., Newn, J., Abreu Esteves, A.E., Clarke, C., Gellersen, H.G. 22/07/2017 In: ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction. 24, 3, 35 p.
Journal article

Orbits: gaze interaction for smart watches using smooth pursuit eye movements
Abreu Esteves, A., Velloso, E., Bulling, A., Gellersen, H. 8/11/2015
Conference contribution/Paper

Gaze-shifting: direct-indirect input with pen and touch modulated by gaze
Pfeuffer, K., Alexander, J., Chong, M.K., Zhang, Y., Gellersen, H. 11/2015
Conference contribution/Paper

The royal corgi: exploring social gaze interaction for immersive gameplay
Vidal, M., Bismuth, R., Bulling, A., Gellersen, H. 04/2015
Conference contribution/Paper

Pursuits: spontaneous interaction with displays based on smooth pursuit eye movement and moving targets
Vidal, M., Bulling, A., Gellersen, H. 2013 In: UbiComp '13 The 2013 ACM International Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing . New York : ACM p. 439-448. 10 p. ISBN: 9781450317702.

H2020 GEMINI: Gaze and Eye Movement in Interaction
01/10/2021 → 30/09/2026

Eye Tracking and Gaze Interaction in Virtual Reality
01/10/2018 → 30/04/2021

PACTMAN: Trust and Consent in Future Pervasive Environments (DSI)
01/09/2016 → 28/02/2020

MODEM - Monitoring of Dementia using Eye Movements
31/03/2015 → 31/03/2019

Lancaster .NET Gadgeteer Collaboration
01/06/2012 → 31/05/2013

01/01/2011 → 31/12/2014

01/10/2010 → 30/09/2012

01/05/2010 → 31/07/2013

EAR: Eye based activity recognition
29/03/2010 → 31/01/2012

01/07/2008 → 30/06/2010

IAA: Attention Training
01/01/1900 → …

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