Professor Hans Gellersen


Research Overview

My primary research interests are in Human-Computer Interaction and Ubiquitous Computing. Recently I have been working is on pervasive eye tracking and novel interaction methods based on eye movement. I am also interested in spontaneous intreraction across devices, in particular with personal mobile devices on shared surfaces and public displays, and generally in devices and methods that enable interaction in novel and compelling ways.

Selected Publications

Gaze-touch: combining gaze with multi-touch for interaction on the same surface
Pfeuffer, K., Alexander, J., Chong, M.K., Gellersen, H. 10/2014
Conference contribution/Paper

MixFab: a mixed-reality environment for personal fabrication
Weichel, C., Lau, M., Kim, D., Villar, N., Gellersen, H. 26/04/2014
Conference contribution/Paper

Pursuit calibration: making gaze calibration less tedious and more flexible
Pfeuffer, K., Vidal, M., Turner, J., Bulling, A., Gellersen, H. 2013
Conference contribution/Paper

Pursuits: spontaneous interaction with displays based on smooth pursuit eye movement and moving targets
Vidal, M., Bulling, A., Gellersen, H. 2013 In: UbiComp '13 The 2013 ACM International Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing . New York : ACM p. 439-448. 10 p. ISBN: 9781450317702.

SideWays: a gaze interface for spontaneous interaction with situated displays
Zhang, Y., Bulling, A., Gellersen, H. 2013
Conference contribution/Paper

A Cross-Device Interaction Style for Mobiles and Surfaces
Schmidt, D., Seifert, J., Rukzio, E., Gellersen, H. 2012
Conference contribution/Paper

Eye Movement Analysis for Activity Recognition Using Electrooculography
Bulling, A., Ward, J., Gellersen, H., Tröster, G. 2011 In: IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence. 33, 4, p. 741-753. 13 p.
Journal article

Performance metrics for activity recognition
Ward, J., Lukowicz, P., Gellersen, H. 2011 In: ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology. 2, 1, 23 p.
Journal article

Touch-display keyboards: transforming keyboards into interactive surfaces
Block, F., Gellersen, H., Villar, N. 2010
Conference contribution/Paper

Shake Well Before Use: Intuitive and Secure Pairing of Mobile Devices
Mayrhofer, R., Gellersen, H. 2009 In: IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing. 8, 6, p. 792-806. 15 p.
Journal article

PACTMAN: Trust and Consent in Future Pervasive Environments (DSI)
01/09/2016 → 28/02/2020

MODEM - Monitoring of Dementia using Eye Movements
31/03/2015 → 31/03/2019

Lancaster .NET Gadgeteer Collaboration
01/06/2012 → 31/05/2013

01/01/2011 → 31/12/2014

01/10/2010 → 30/09/2012

01/05/2010 → 31/07/2013

EAR: Eye based activity recognition
29/03/2010 → 31/01/2012

01/07/2008 → 30/06/2010

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