Dr Joe Finney

Senior Lecturer

Research Overview

My research revolves around the investigation of network and system support for mobile, embedded and ubiquitous computing. I typically employ an experimental methodology in my research. Through the prototyping of novel and emerging applications, I work to discover new requirements, architectures, protocols and techniques for future networks and systems. I find adopting such a pragmatic and experimental approach not only provides accurate research results and insights, but also enables more direct dissemination of research results into both the academic and industrial research communities. As an example of this, previous work I undertook around the Mobile IPv6 protocol was later adopted by Microsoft and integrated in their Windows XP and CE operating systems, and have developed patented and licensed technology for the creation of emergent displays.

Selected Publications Show all 44 publications

Toward emergent technology for blended public displays
Chandler, A., Finney, J., Lewis, C., Dix, A. 2009 In: Ubicomp '09: Proceedings of the 11th international conference on Ubiquitous computing. New York, NY, USA : ACM p. 101-104. 4 p.

Network Interrupts: supporting delay sensitive applications in low power wireless control networks
Brown, J., Finney, J., Efstratiou, C., Green, B., Davies, N., Lowton, M., Kortuem, G. 2007 In: Proceedings of the second ACM workshop on Challenged networks. New York : ACM p. 51-58. 8 p.

Experiences of designing and deploying intelligent sensor nodes to monitor hand-arm vibrations in the field
Efstratiou, C., Davies, N., Kortuem, G., Finney, J., Hooper, R., Lowton, M. 12/2007 In: Proceedings of the 5th international conference on Mobile systems, applications and services. p. 127 - 138.

Mobile 4-in-6: a novel IPv4/IPv6 transitioning mechanism for mobile hosts
Finney, J., Scott, A., Schmid, S. 13/03/2005 In: Wireless Communications and Networking Conference, 2005 IEEE. IEEE p. 1427-1433. 7 p.

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