Dr Marcia Smith

Senior Research Associate

Research Overview

I am a Senior Research Associate at the PARIS-DE project. We are co-designing with academic, government and industry experts a framework for sustainable and responsible innovation in ICT. This framework will include principles and tools for those working in innovation in ICT to understand, plan and act on their carbon footprint with the aim to keep ICT's emissions in line with Paris Agreement targets.

My background is in design, both as a researcher and practitioner, specialising in participatory design approaches. I worked as a research associate at Lancaster University in co-design projects such as Mobile Age, Clasp and Active Parks. My research involved co-designing an app with older adults to tackle isolation, co-creating wearable prototypes for investigating ways to express and manage anxiety with people in austism spectrum and working with local communities to imagine, design and prototype ways to increase the levels of physical activities for those engaging on walks at a local park.

My PhD research looked at the confluence of digital innovations and how a culture of co-creation was affecting the clothing industry. The focus was on how new models of businesses and services could instigate amateurs to create their own clothes with the help of digital innovations.

My research interests include co-design and other participatory approaches to design, systemic design, digital innovation, HCI and sustainability, digital fabrication, the role of design and designers in innovation.