Sufian Titi

PhD student

PhD Supervision Interests

My research field is to discuss and investigate the implementation of the delta-operator in the control field and specifically utilizing the delta operator within the linear PIP and the non-linear SDP-PIP control areas. Discreet time control systems are usually presented either with the use of the backward shift or the forward shift operator (Z-transform). Due to discretizing issues, it is often found that few systems lose stability under fast and high rapidly sampling rates. It is shown in the literature that stability problems is ultimately can be improved by introducing a discrete-operator that is closely related to the continuous time operator ‘’s-operator’’. At very high sampling rates the delta-operator maps to the s-operator and this enhances the stability of the control system . PIP in the context of delta operator is initially started in Lancaster and still there is scope of research in using the delta-operator with the nonlinear version if the PIP which is SDP-PIP