A member of staff explains some equipment to a student

Early Career Researcher Network

Staff at the Lancaster Environment Centre have long endorsed the idea of a support network for early career staff.

Although there are networks available within (and outside) the university, the Lancaster Environment Centre has such a unique mix of staff from different disciplines that setting up something specific for our staff would be far more effective. We are also aware that these have been attempted within LEC before, but have yet to achieve the impact we would like.

To that end early in 2018, the LEC ECR Network was established, to provide this service for all staff within LEC that are not under a permanent contract; including postdoctoral research staff, research and teaching assistants, and other professional services.

In terms of what support we provide, we help our early career staff with:

  • Career mentoring scheme
  • Career prospects outside academia
  • Funding applications
  • Support for supervising students
  • Pre-submission manuscript reviewing
  • Publicising research outputs and successes


Victoria Janes-Bassett

Dr Victoria Janes-Bassett

Senior Research Associate

DSI - Environment

Ann Kretzschmar

Dr Ann Kretzschmar

Senior Research Associate,

Sustainable Catchments, Water Science

Gemma Fenwick

Dr Gemma Fenwick

Part-time Research Associate - Coral Reef Ecology, Research Staff Developer

Ali Birkett

Dr Ali Birkett

Research Promotion Coordinator

B059, B - Floor, LEC 1