Critical Geographies

Group Leader: Professor Gordon Walker

Our research focuses on a variety of critical geographies - geographies that are vital to sustainability, social and environmental justice and our collective futures. These include, in our current research and writing, geographies of migration, energy, water, food, climate change, infrastructure, the Anthropocene and the subterranean.

As human geographers and social scientists, we undertake our research with a 'critical' perspective and approach. This means drawing on theory, empirical inquiry and cutting edge analysis to question and challenge dominant discourses and power structures, to identify the fundamental ways in which these serve to impair human and planetary well-being and to work with all those engaged in finding better and alternative forms of practice and governance.

Theoretically and methodologically our interest is not just in 'the human', rather we actively engage in thinking about and investigating the materiality of everyday social practice, the agency of non-humans and our fundamental embedding in technological, ecological, geosocial and planetary formations.

Our research group consists of academic staff, researchers and PhD students working separately and together in collaborations that extend across and beyond the University.  We are actively engaged in other Centres and Institutes at Lancaster, including the RCUK funded DEMAND Centre (Dynamics of Energy, Mobility and Demand) and the Institute for Social Futures.


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Critical Geographies, DEMAND - Dynamics of Energy, Mobility and Demand

Critical Geographies

Critical Geographies, Improving global stewardship, Understanding a changing planet

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Critical Geographies

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Critical Geographies

Critical Geographies, Improving global stewardship, Understanding a changing planet

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Critical Geographies

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Critical Geographies

Critical Geographies

Critical Geographies, Energy Lancaster

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Critical Geographies

Critical Geographies

Critical Geographies, Innovation for a better environment

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Critical Geographies


Critical Geographies

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Critical Geographies, DEMAND - Dynamics of Energy, Mobility and Demand, Improving global stewardship, Innovation for a better environment

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Critical Geographies, Improving global stewardship, Sustainable Catchments

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Critical Geographies

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CLISEL: Climate Security with Local Authorities
01/05/2016 → 30/04/2019

Research - socio-legal scholarship
01/09/2015 → …

DEMAND: Dynamics of Energy, Mobility and Demand
01/05/2013 → 30/06/2019

Human rights and boundaries
01/03/2013 → …

Community based fuel poverty initiatives and access to energy services for older people
01/10/2011 → 31/03/2015

01/06/2009 → 31/05/2012

Children, flood and urban resilience
01/03/2009 → …

INCLUESEV energy and equity cluster
01/01/2009 → 31/12/2011

FP6: Governat
01/10/2006 → 30/09/2010

The Catchment Change Management Hub
01/01/1900 → …

Research Highlights

Getting under the surface of ‘Geoengineering’
Dr Nils Markusson urges policymakers to look beyond the simplistic definitions and classifications of climate-changing technologies to understand better the risks involved

Urban Agriculture
Cities across Europe, including Lancaster, are increasingly growing their own food, says PhD student Dennis Touliatos after attending an urban agriculture training school in his hometown, Athens.

Can local food feed the world?
Dr Beccy Whittle takes a fresh and provocative look at food security, asking whether small-scale, locally produced food can help feed the planet’s growing population.

Overheating risk in care facilities
Hotter, drier summers have serious implications for the UK’s ageing population, a new study shows.

Climate change and migration
Lancaster University is co-hosting an event on climate migration at the world leaders climate talks in Paris in December

Scrapping zero-carbon homes is senseless policy vandalism
You may have missed it among all the talk of minimum wages and welfare cuts, but as part of its summer budget announcements the UK government also abolished the requirement for new homes to be “zero carbon” from April 2016

Why room temperature needed to be taken down a notch
What is a healthy room temperature? On releasing its Cold Weather Plan for 2014, Public Health England has recently revised its recommended minimum levels to keep in good health.

‘Climate migration’ proved too political for the Paris agreement – and rightly so
Even the best-case scenario following the Paris climate agreement will still lead to rising sea levels, harsher droughts and more destructive storms – all of which will hit those with least protection the hardest.

No garden? Five creative ways city dwellers can still grow their own
With more people than ever living in cities, how do we reconcile our need for fresh fruit and vegetables with the challenges of life in an urban environment where the time and space for gardening are limited?