An academic gives a talk on an Open Day

Supporting Communities

As one of Europe's largest environment centres, we are home to a large community of academic staff who often take their research and knowledge out to engage with the general public.

  • Sex & Bugs & Rock 'n' Roll

    Lancaster Environment Centre staff lead this innovative project that tours UK music festivals such as Glastonbury. From guided bug hunts, looking at different organisms around the festival site, to swabbing festival kit and growing micro bacterial cultures in a petri dish, there are a whole range of different and fun activities to take part in to demonstrate that science in fascinating and fun!

  • Campus in the city

    Campus in the city is an annual initiative by Lancaster University, which sees us open a pop-up shop in an empty retail unit in the city centre, to demonstrate the vast amount of research conducted here at Lancaster to local residents as well as people from much further afield. We continue to support this initiative by running events, such as the Sex & Bugs & Rock 'n' Roll roadshow and publicising free courses, such as our Food Security MOOC. In addition, we also run drop-in sessions for children to hear about our research and engage with science using Minecraft as part of our Science Hunters project.