Finding Motivation and Knowing your Priorities

Thursday 14 February 2019, 9:30am to 12:30pm


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Finding Motivation and Knowing your Priorities

Keeping motivated isn’t always easy, especially if the challenge is too hard, the work is becoming monotonous, or you’re unclear where it is heading. Goal setting is at its best when it enables you to become focused in the present moment, motivated by what you are doing. At its worst the pressure of the goal can be the very source of problems and nurture fear and self-doubt, and limit possibilities. In this session we’ll be exploring the use of ‘goals’ in creative ways to generate and maintain motivation. A key part will be gaining clarity over what’s important and how paying attention to your personal values impacts on motivation and enjoyment.

Key areas covered will be:

  • keeping balance in your PhD and the rest of life
  • living your values each day
  • the relationship between your vision and more immediate goals
  • getting specific while maintaining the thrill: goal setting for motivation