Dr Annette Ryan

Senior LEC Technical Manager and Departmental Safety Officer

Research Overview

My background encompasses three years working for the British Antarctic Survey in the Antarctic as a Meteorologist and Physicist, a PhD in Biosphere-Atmosphere Interactions, six years working as a Senior Research Associate in Atmospheric and Crop Sciences, and six years managing the Soil and Ecosystem Ecology Laboratories in the Lancaster Environment Centre.

LEC is the largest department in Lancaster University. In 2007 Environmental Science, Biological Science and Geography were brought together to form LEC. We are one of the worlds largest centres for environmental research and our resaerch and teaching reflects our diverse expertise spanning the natural and social sciences.

In July 2021, I became the Head of LEC Technical Services. This involves managing a team of 20 core funded technical staff, ensuring staff and students have access to appropriate facilties, resources and support and managing Health and Safety across the department.

Selected Publications

Gravimetric phenotyping of whole plant transpiration responses to atmospheric vapour pressure deficit identifies genotypic variation in water use efficiency
Ryan, A., Dodd, I.C., Rothwell, S.A., Jones, R.J.G., Tardieu, F., Draye, X., Davies, W.J. 10/2016 In: Plant Science. 251, p. 101-109. 9 p.
Journal article

Isoprene emission protects photosynthesis but reduces plant productivity during drought in transgenic tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) plants
Ryan, A., Hewitt, C.N., Purnell, A., Possell, M., Vickers, C., Mullineaux, P., Davies, B., Dodd, I. 01/2014 In: New Phytologist. 201, 1, p. 205-216. 12 p.
Journal article

World War II contrails: a case study of aviation-induced cloudiness
Ryan, A.C., MacKenzie, A.R., Watkins, S., Timmis, R. 09/2012 In: International Journal of Climatology. 32, 11, p. 1745-1753. 9 p.
Journal article

Defining hybrid poplar (Populus deltoides x Populus trichocarpa) tolerance to ozone: identifying key parameters
Ryan, A., Cojocariu, C., Possell, M., Davies, B., Hewitt, N. 01/2009 In: Plant, Cell and Environment. 32, 1, p. 31-45. 15 p.
Journal article

Ground-level ozone influenced by circadian control of isoprene emissions
Hewitt, C.N., Ashworth, K., Boynard, A., Guenther, A., Langford, B., MacKenzie, A.R., Misztal, P.K., Nemitz, E., Owen, S.M., Possell, M., Pugh, T.A.M., Ryan, A.C., Wild, O. 10/2011 In: Nature Geoscience. 4, 10, p. 671-674. 4 p.
Journal article