Dr Catherine Baxendale

Envision Training and Placement Officer

Research Overview

I am responsible for providing postgraduate Training leadership, co-ordination and related administrative support for the ENVISION Doctoral Training and Placement Programme.

Previous roles:

Innovation Fellow within the Centre for Global Eco-Innovation, where I supported Graduate Researchers working with regional SMEs on low carbon innovation projects. As part of this role, I lead a Working Group between LU, local SMEs and the city council to reduce single use plastics on campus and in the city. I was also the lead organiser for Eco-I 2019 conference.

Before joining CGE in 2018, I spent 4 years working in Research Engagement, initially on the RCUK funded School University Partnership Initiative and later within the central UK Student Recruitment and Outreach team. In this role, I organised and coordinated research engagement events and activities between Lancaster University researchers and schools, with the aim of inspiring the next generation of researchers. Having a research background, I can see the importance of engaging school students in research, both for the students and the researchers.

I completed my PhD studying relationships between plant traits and soil microbial communities in hay meadows based in the Plant-Soil Ecology Laboratory in LEC in 2013. This project was part of the pan-European project VITAL working with 7 partners across Europe. After completing my PhD I worked on the ERC funded ForestPrime project as a research support technician.

Selected Publications

Stakeholder perceptions of grassland ecosystem services in relation to knowledge on soil fertility and biodiversity
Lamarque, P., Tappeiner, U., Baxendale, C., Steinbacher, M., Bardgett, R.D., Szukics, U., Schermer, M., Lavorel, S. 12/2011 In: Regional Environmental Change. 11, 4, p. 791-804. 14 p.
Journal article

Relative contributions of plant traits and soil microbial properties to mountain grassland ecosystem services.
Grigulis, K., Lavorel, S., Krainer, U., Legay, N., Baxendale, C., Dumont, M., Kastl, E., Arnoldi, C., Bardgett, R.D., Poly, F., Pommier, T., Schloter, M., Tappeiner, U., Bahn, M., Clément, J. 01/2013 In: Journal of Ecology. 101, 1, p. 47-57. 11 p.
Journal article

Contribution of above- and below-ground plant traits to the structure and function of grassland soil microbial communities
Legay, N., Baxendale, C., Grigulis, K., Krainer, U., Kastl, E., Schloter, M., Bardgett, R.D., Arnoldi, C., Bahn, M., Dumont, M., Poly, F., Pommier, T., Clement, J.C., Lavorel, S. 13/08/2014 In: Annals of Botany. 114, 5, p. 1011-1021. 11 p.
Journal article

Can digital image classification be used as a standardised method for surveying peatland vegetation cover?
Baxendale, C.L., Ostle, N.J., Wood, C.M., Oakley, S., Ward, S.E. 09/2016 In: Ecological Indicators. 68, p. 150-156. 7 p.
Journal article

Tackling the Crisis in PhD Supervision through Group Active-Learning
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Journal article

The Automated Root Exudate System (ARES): a method to apply solutes at regular intervals to soils in the field
Lopez-Sangil, L., George, C., Medina Barcenas, E., Birkett, A.J., Baxendale, C.L., Brechet, L.M., Estradera-Gumbau, E., Sayer, E.J. 09/2017 In: Methods in Ecology and Evolution. 8, 9, p. 1042-1050. 9 p.
Journal article

The added value of including key microbial traits to determine nitrogen-related ecosystem services in managed grasslands
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Journal article

Are plant-soil feedback responses explained by plant traits?
Baxendale, C., Orwin, K., Poly, F., Pommier, T., Bardgett, R. 10/2014 In: New Phytologist. 204, 2, p. 408-423. 16 p.
Journal article