Professor Hao Zhang


Research Interests


  • Investigating the influences of soil dynamic processes and chemical speciation on metal uptake by plants.
  • Using a more mechanistically based soil nutrient assessment system to improve the prediction of plant nutrient requirements. (collaboration with CSIRO)
  • Developing and applying dynamic models to understand DGT-soil and plant-soil interactions.
  • Investigating the effect of mixtures of potentially toxic metals on earthworms using both experimental and modeling approaches. (collaboration with CEH)
  • New methods for integrated risk assessment of cumulative stressors by using DGT in pseudo-steady state and depletion modes.


  • Understanding the micro-heterogeneity of trace elements in sediments through 2D high resolution measurements using DGT and DET techniques
  • Developing and applying a 3D transport, reaction and dynamic model to understand the biogeochemical processes of trace metals in sediments.


  • Investigating the importance of the speciation and dissociation kinetics of trace metals in natural waters using novel in situ measurements.
  • Event-triggered passive sampling for environmental regulatory monitoring of metals, nutrients and radionuclides.
  • Centre for Biophotonics
  • Environmental and Biogeochemistry
  • Improving global stewardship
  • Innovation for a better environment
  • Sustainable Catchments
  • Understanding a changing planet