Dr Janine Morley

Research Fellow

Research Overview

My research is inspired by theories of technological and social change, which I apply and develop in relation to sustainability, digital technologies, thermal comfort and dress in everyday life. Much of my work is interdisciplinary and collaborative, and has involved a combination of methods, including fine-grained energy and environmental sensor data, interviews and diaries. As a sociologist, I have used this work to extend debates in the fields of energy research and human computer interaction as well as to advance theories of practice.

My current research focuses on the relationship between thermal comfort and energy-use within buildings. In particular, it considers how clothing, both in its design and in everyday practices of dressing, relates to the demand for heating and air conditioning, alongside other ways of keeping warm or cool (personal comfort). This work aims to highlight the intersection between energy and (sustainable) fashion, both within research and policy. It also aims to deepen understanding of the thermal dimensions of day-to-day dressing practice.

Selected Publications

Digitalisation, energy and data demand: The impact of Internet traffic on overall and peak electricity consumption
Morley, J., Widdicks, K.V., Hazas, M.D. 04/2018 In: Energy Research and Social Science. 38, p. 128-137. 10 p.
Journal article

Technologies within and beyond practices
Morley, J. 6/12/2016 In: The Nexus of Practices. Routledge p. 81-97. 17 p. ISBN: 9781138675155. Electronic ISBN: 9781315560816.

Demand in my pocket: mobile devices and the data connectivity marshalled in support of everyday practice
Lord, C., Hazas, M., Clear, A., Bates, O., Morley, J., Friday, A. 04/2015
Conference contribution/Paper

Towards an holistic view of the energy and environmental impacts of domestic media and IT
Bates, O., Hazas, M., Friday, A., Morley, J., Clear, A.K. 2014
Conference contribution/Paper

Accounting for Energy-Reliant Services within Everyday Life at Home
Bates, O., Clear, A., Friday, A., Hazas, M., Morley, J. 18/06/2012
Conference contribution/Paper

The significance of difference: understanding variation in household energy consumption
Morley, J., Hazas, M. 2011
Conference contribution/Paper