Dr Kai Heron

Lecturer in Political Ecology


Kai is a political ecologist and theorist of rural and agrarian transition. His research considers how capital reorganizes agrarian and rural regions across the world to maximise capital accumulation at the expense of people and ecologies, and how workers, communities, and social movements fight back. He is particularly interested in how land-use changes in pursuit of a green transition in the imperial core impose social and ecological harms on workers in the periphery of the global capitalist economy. Kai also researches developments in green political theory, with a focus on degrowth, eco-Marxist, anti-colonial environmentalist thought.

Kai is a co-director of the progressive policy platform, Abundance, where he is involved in implementing ‘public-common partnerships’. This is an organizational form that democratises control over assets, resources, and landscapes. As part of this research, Kai is involved in a project to implement a regenerative aquacultural system on the Isle of Skye and efforts to repurpose Britain’s council farm estates as sites of agroecological transition and food sovereignty.

Selected Publications

Capitalist catastrophism and eco-apartheid
Heron, K. 2/10/2023 In: Geoforum.
Journal article

Toying with the law: Deleuze, Lacan and the promise of perversion
Heron, K. 1/10/2022 In: European Journal of Political Theory. 21, 4, p. 738-758. 21 p.
Journal article

Dialectical Materialisms, Metabolic Rifts and the Climate Crisis: A Lacanian/Hegelian Perspective
Heron, K. 31/10/2021 In: Science and Society. 85, 4
Journal article

Strategies for a new municipalism: Public–common partnerships against the new enclosures
Russell, B., Milburn, K., Heron, K. 1/08/2023 In: Urban Studies. 60, 11, p. 2133-2157. 25 p.
Journal article