Professor Martin Parry

Professor Emeritus, Professor in Plant Science for Food Security

Research Overview

With 9 billion mouths to feed by 2050, Martin wants his research to have a real impact on food security by increasing the yield of major crops whilst also increasing the efficiency of production and end use quality. He believes that one way to achieve this is to increase photosynthesis of major crops like wheat.

His aim is to understand how yield and quality are determined by gene composition and sequences in different environments (e.g. drought and temperature stress). This will enable him to manipulate the appropriate molecular and biochemical controls to increase in crop performance in a predictable way for current and future environments.

With his group, he has identified and quantified heritable genetic variation that can be exploited in crop breeding and using disruptive biotechnological approaches, has explored ways to increase photosynthesis and yield (see e.g. Lin et al., 2014 The Plant Journal 79 1-12,; Lin et al 2014, Nature 513 547-550

Martin’s research has been supported by the

Martin is currently involved in a number of international projects, see ( see e.g.

Martin is an Associate Editor for The Plant Biotechnology Journal, ABiotech and Co-Editor for the Journal of Integrative Plant Biology.

In 2014, in recognition of his contributions to the practice, growth and development of applied biology, Martin was made an Honorary Member of the Association of Applied Biologist. In 2014 he was also awarded the China National Friendship Award by Vice Premier Ma Kai in Beijing.

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