Dr Suzana Ilic

Senior Lecturer in Lancaster Environment Centre

Research Interests

My research interest is in understanding coastal hydrodynamics, sediment transport and the resulting morphological changes; and in developing tools for coastal managers and consultants that can be used to predict of future changes. The real challenge is to describe and predict the complex processes around coastal structures and their influence on natural systems, such as shoreline changes, water quality and natural habitats. This is in line with current Foresight programme on coastal flooding and erosion, Water Framework directives (water quality and habitats) and development of the offshore sustainable energy devices.

Morecambe Bay Timescapes talk

Coastal Practitioners Conference and the final conference for the ‘Promoting Adaptation to Changing Coasts’ project
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Roundtable discussion "UK and Croatia - together in science"
Public Lecture/ Debate/Seminar

Morecambe Bay Timescapes

2nd Workshop Beachex project
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Our Future Coast (EA funded project) - Board member (External organisation)
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Morecambe Bay Timescapes final workshop
Types of Public engagement and outreach - Festival/Exhibition

Coastal Live Lab
Types of Public engagement and outreach - Festival/Exhibition

Travelling in Climate Time

North West Regional Flood and Coastal Committee (External organisation)
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  • Centre for Global Eco-innovation
  • DSI - Environment
  • Energy Lancaster
  • Innovation for a better environment
  • Sustainable Catchments
  • Understanding a changing planet
  • Water Science