Could the Library SafePod help you with your research?

A view of the outside of the SafePod. The SafePod is located in the new extension on the Library A floor.
A view of the outside of the SafePod. The SafePod is located in the new extension on the Library A floor.

The SafePod Network is an exciting and innovative research network that significantly improves access to secure data.

A total of 25 SafePods will make up the SafePod Network, spread geographically across the UK and operating under standardised policies and procedures.

The following data centres are currently part of the SafePod network, with more expected to join soon:

  • UK Data Service
  • SAIL Databank
  • Office for National Statistics
  • Scottish Government
  • Health and Social Care Northern Ireland (HSCNI)

A Researcher can also use a SafePod for local confidential or sensitive work, subject to approval from the SafePod Network.

You don't have to be a member of Lancaster University to use the SafePod. As long as you are registered with the SafePod network you can carry out your research at any of the 25 SafePod's in the SafePod network.

Why choose the SafePod over other secure data settings?

“Being able to access datasets in the SafePod gave me the opportunity to work in a quiet and secure environment with excellent and reliable computing power. Having a big screen was also a huge improvement on my small home laptop screen!” – Sarah Knight

The SafePod allows access to data from different data centres in one place on campus, removing the need to travel long distances to access data and the costs this incurs. Once you are registered with the SafePod network, you will be able to access secure datasets from every SafePod in the SafePod network.

The SafePod is also a quiet and comfortable environment to work in, featuring a height adjustable desk, two large monitors, an air filtration system, locker storage space and adjustable lighting. The SafePod can be used by two researchers at the same time (subject to approval from the data centre).

The interior of the safepod, two monitors, a height adjusable desk and a white board are visible.

Figure 1- The interior of the SafePod.

The SafePod network also features an easy-to-use booking system, with approved bookings coordinated by trained staff in the Library.

“I found the booking process easy, quick, and well-supported by online information.” - Read about Sarah Knights experience of booking and using a SafePod here.

Further information

Visit our SafePod webpage to find out more about the SafePod.

Find out more about the SafePod at our upcoming event: Researcher Development Pathway: Introduction to Research Data Management with SAFEPOD Tour.

The SPN is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council and run by the Scottish Centre for Administrative Data Research. Both are part of the ADR UK programme. SafePod is a registered trademark of the University of St Andrews.’

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