Tab Content: Network and project films

We have produced a series of short films showcasing the network as a whole and its five funded projects.

These films explore in just a few minutes what the network and the projects are all about and why we’re excited by them, through conversations with project team members, the coordination team, and other network members.

You can find them all (as well as our digital methods and needs exchange, and a collection of bite-sized clips about the network and the projects) on our YouTube channel @quenchnetwork1600, and can link directly to a specific project and network films below:

Tab Content: Methods and Needs Exchange

Sharing of knowledge, methods, perspectives and challenges is vital for the development of this exciting area of research and practice at the intersection of urban ecosystems, nature-connectedness, health and social inequalities.

In preparation for the initial QUENCH workshops we asked all participants to contribute a short video to our digital ‘Methods and Needs Exchange’. The exchange was a place for participants to communicate their perspectives, needs, methods and resources that they could bring to answering the QUENCH key questions, and get to know and learn from others. We hope these videos can act as a longer-term open resource to those beyond the network events and helps our community in its broadest sense consider what can be brought to the urban ecosystem-nature-connection-health challenge.

You can watch the fascinating contributions to the exchange on our YouTube channel, QUENCH Network.

Tab Content: QUENCH Workshop Handbook

To support the participants of the initial QUENCH workshops we created a handbook. This provides:

  • an overview of the themes and questions being examined by the QUENCH network
  • a summary of our workshop design and approach to collaborative project development
  • bios of the QUENCH team, mentors and participants
  • suggested background reading
  • glossary

You can view a short version of the handbook. If you would like more information about our collaborative workshop approach please contact us via the QUENCH email on the home page.