The QUENCH Network Projects

As part of the initial QUENCH collaborative workshops in early 2022, the network has awarded five pump-priming grants. This funding will support interdisciplinary teams of researchers and practitioners to take forwards collaborative projects that look to address the QUENCH key questions, as well as build further capacity to develop interdisciplinary and cross-sector research in this area.

  • Designed for Connection

    How Pathways-Informed Citizen Science is impacted by environmental quality to enhance nature connectedness, wellbeing and environmental monitoring in urban areas?


    Investigating the environmental quality impact on urban food growing for better health and wellbeing.

  • Making Space for Young People

    How does ecosystem quality affect nature connectedness and health in young people?

  • Quality Inequalities

    How do environmental quality and bio-psycho-social-spiritual factors interact to shape inequalities in people’s experience of connecting with nature and their sense of place?

  • Why Do We Dig Gardens?

    How does ecosystem quality of nature-based activities affects management and recovery from common mental health disorders?