Elisabeth Olsen

PhD student

Current Research

I am a Human Ecologist and Geographer currently committed to writing-up my PhD dissertation. During my writing-up stage I am a visiting researcher at the Faculty of History and Social Sciences at the University of the Faroe Islands where one of my supervisors is employed.

The title of my PhD project is “Forking paths? Engaged research on food-political visions and changes in the Faroe Islands and in São Tomé and Príncipe”. The aim of the project is to support local food-political visions and initiatives in two small island countries (respectively São Tomé e Princípe and Faroe Islands) by engaging practically with small-scale food producers and food activists, while theoretically exploring connections between these very unique island societies and contextualising them in relation to global environmental challenges, political-economic dynamics, historical colonialism and contemporary food political discourses/agendas on food security and food sovereignty.

My PhD supervisors are Dr. Giovanni Bettini and Dr. Rebecca Whittle, both from Lancaster University, and Dr. Ragnheiður Bogadóttir from the University of the Faroe Islands.