Dr Giovanni Bettini

Senior Lecturer

Research Overview

Situated at the intersection of Political Geography, Environmental Humanities, Critical Development Studies and Political Theory, my research focusses on three main problem fields:

(1) human migration in the face of climate and environmental change

(2) the Anthropocene and the evolution of ‘green’ thought and movements

(3) digital environmental governance.

I have been interested in how environmental change – in its planetary but uneven character and entangled with a series of contemporary ‘crises’ and historical legacies – is generating new spaces, modes of governance, subjectivities and forms of resistance. I have examined, empirically as well as conceptually, the narratives, imaginaries and affects through which these transformations are being made governable and contested.

I am also investigating the role of ‘the digital’ in reshaping adaptation, resilience and justice, risk and security, and the implications this will have for the politics, understanding of justice, and forms of resistance that will emerge on a warming planet.


  • Climate politics & policy
  • Human Migration/Displacement/Mobility
  • Environmental/climate security
  • Loss & Damage from climate change
  • International Development
  • Migration Studies
  • Algorithmic governance and digital justice

CLISEL: Climate Security with Local Authorities
01/05/2016 → 30/04/2019

Critical Geographies

  • Critical Geographies
  • Improving global stewardship
  • Understanding a changing planet