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The following research projects are recruiting for participants.

Many projects have specific requirements of their participants, so please ensure that you meet these requirements before applying.

For Adults

  • Workshop call for participation: 'Designing for a Changing Internet'

    In the School of Computing and Communications at Lancaster University, we are conducting a study into everyday use of the Internet, and how this might be shaped for the future.
    The workshop will involve:
    - Reflecting on your use of the Internet, particularly for watching, listening and social networking activities
    - Discussing and designing solutions with other participants for adapting our use of the Internet 
    As a thank you for your time, a £10 Amazon voucher will be given to you.
    Coffee, tea and biscuits will also be provided.

    Participant Requirements: Participants must use digital devices (e.g. smartphone or laptop etc.) and the Internet in their daily lives.

    Duration: 3 hours

    Location: Lancaster University campus (Science and Technology building A076)

    Dates: The workshops will take place on Friday 1st March 2019 9am-12pm and Monday 4th March 2019 6pm-9pm. Participants are invited to attend one of the workshops.

    Contact details: Kelly Widdicks:

  • Line Manager Perspectives on Staff with Premenstrual Difficulties

    Study Information:

    We are researchers from Lancaster University carrying out research that aims to employee line manager perspectives on the topic of reproductive health, specifically premenstrual difficulties. Line managers play a critical role in staff wellbeing and productivity. However, what we do not yet fully understand is the line manager perspective on this health issue and how employers can, or should, help support line managers in feeling more able and confident to help their female staff with such issues. This is what the research aims to achieve. The research is kindly being funded by Aviva UK.


    Participant Requirements:

    The research is asking all line managers to complete a short anonymous online survey.


    It will only take around 15-20 minutes and your individual responses will not be shared


    The survey is online so can be taken using a desktop, tablet or mobile device.


    The survey must be completed by 15th February 2019 



    Contact details:

    If you have any questions or problems with the survey, please contact Eleanor Thorne ( directly. The survey is anonymous so only the research team will have access to the data.

  • Exercising the brain using brain stimulation during arm immobilisation

    Experiment: The purpose of this study is to investigate whether muscle strength and brain function can be boosted by brain stimulation whilst the arm is immobile in a sling. The purpose of the study is to find out how muscle loss can be prevented during arm immobilisation, and how arm immobilisation also affects your perception of your arm.

    This study involves using a type of non-invasive brain stimulation, where brief magnetic pulses will be applied to your head in order to subtly and temporarily influence the way the brain works. This is safe, and not harmful or painful, but may feel like a light tapping sensation. The study also requires you to wear your dominant arm in a sling for the 4-day period and to undergo a series of muscle strength and arm perception measures.

    You will be given a £50 inconvenience allowance for your time.

    Participant requirements: To be eligible, you should be male and right-handed, be between 18-30 years old, have a BMI between 19-25 and have no history of neurological, psychiatric, or muscle/joint problems. You must be a non-smoker.

    Duration: The study will consist of 4 sessions across 4 consecutive days. The first and last sessions take around 2/2.5 hours, and interim visits will be 1 hour. You will also be asked to attend the lab for an initial pre-screening appointment so the research team can tell you more about the study, and check you are eligible to take part in the study.

    Location: B20 Whewell Building, Lancaster University.

    Dates: Recruiting now until July 2019.

    Contact details: Dr Helen Nuttall, or find the study "Exercising the Motor Cortex using TMS during Arm Immobilisation" on SONA at

  • Qualified Selves - Making sense of personal Data

    Experiment: We are a group of researchers at Lancaster University working on a project called "Qualified Selves". As part of this work, are looking to talk to people who actively manage large amounts of personal data. These conversations will help guide the development of innovative tools that can afford users a new insights into their lives in ways that add real value.

    To help us understand the current processes involved with accumulating data, we would love to talk to how you use existing applications and services to collect, store, organise and edit it, and how you use this data. We would like to know how you make sense of it and what frustrations you experience. In short, we want to learn from your expertise as data collectors, and learn what makes data collection worthwhile to you.

    Travel expenses will be reimbursed.

    Participant Requirements: Adults aged 18+ who collect any information or data about themselves.

    Duration: Initial interviews, then a series of workshops until June 2020

    Location: Lancaster University

    Dates: Recruiting until June 2019

    Contact details:

    Tel.: 07761329889

  • Individual variability in judgement of others.

    Experiment: The study is interested in differences between individuals in the way that they make judgments about others. As a participant, you will be asked to interview eight people for up to three minutes each to find out if they have any knowledge about a fictional illegal event (e.g., items being stolen). You will then complete a short questionnaire about your experience, and engage in a one-time decision-making task. During the study, you will be asked to wear a set of motion sensors so that we can record your body movement. These sensors are small and light, and held onto your torso, arms and legs by a set of Velcro straps. The experimenter will help you put on the sensors and s/he will make sure that you are comfortable wearing them. Your participation in the study should last around 60 minutes. Participation is completely voluntary, and you should only take part in the study if you are comfortable and happy to do so. You will be compensated up to £10.50 for your time (£3.50 per 30 mins), or, if you are a first-year psychology student, you will be given the opportunity to collect course credit in the first instance. All the data you provide will be treated in the strictest confidence and will remain anonymous. At no point during the reporting of the study will you be identified by name, or have your data reported individually. We are interested in trends across all participants that take part in the study.

    Participant requirements: Age: 18+
    Participants should have a good level of English as they will need to conduct a series of short interviews.
    In the first instance we are recruiting those who are currently studying or working at Lancaster University.

    Duration: Up to 90 mins.

    Location: Flyde Building (Psychology), Bailrigg Campus.

    Dates: Recruiting until 15th October 2019.

    If you are interested in participating in the study, please email Dr Stuart Pugh ( for further details. You will be given at least 24 hours from expressing your initial interest in the study to taking part and providing formal consent.

For Children

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