How LUCS Works


For most projects, LUCS via the University's Head of Research and Enterprise Contracts, Máire Nolan (Executive Director of LUCS) will sign two contracts:

  • A consultancy contract between LUCS and the Outside Client
  • A sub-contract between LUCS and the member(s) of staff who will undertake the consultancy work. The sub-contract will reflect the terms of the consultancy contract with the Outside Client.

Before LUCS can sign these contracts the member of staff must supply to LUCS full details of the consultancy work to be undertaken. Form HR/791/A should be used for this purpose.


There may be occasions when LUCS will be unable to sign a consultancy contract with the client. Listed below are some examples of when this may occur:

LUCS' (and the University's) insurance does not provide cover for certain activities: i.e.

  • Death, disease or illness of or bodily injury caused to or sustained to the member of staff not arising out of but during the course of the consultancy project
  • Death, disease or illness of or bodily injury to any person participating in any clinical trial
  • Any claim arising from the manufacture or supply of any product by or on behalf of LUCS. The supply of a prototype or computer software or data held on computer software will not be deemed to be supply of a product (other than third party [including the client’s] wrapped or off the shelf software including such software supplied on line).
  • Any claim, cost or expense caused by or contributed to by or arising from (i) ionising radiations or contamination from any nuclear fuel or from any nuclear waste from the combustion of nuclear fuel and (ii) the radioactive toxic explosive or other hazardous properties of any explosive nuclear assembly or nuclear component thereof.
  • Certain claims made and suits brought against LUCS in a court of the USA. Advice should be sought from Strategic Purchasing if a member of staff wishes to undertake work in the USA, to assess the risk and determine whether suitable professional indemnity cover can be arranged.
  • Any claim under contract for penalties or liquidated damages

Other cases where LUCS will be unable to sign a contract include:

  • High client credit risk
  • Value of the contract exceeds £500,000
  • Duration of the contract exceeds 2 years
  • A signed letter approving private consultancy (see "LUCS Disclosure and Procedure" tab) has not been given to LUCS

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If you wish to make use of the services provided by LUCS, contact:

Máire NolanHead of Research and Enterprise Contracts

T: +44 (0)1524 592164E: