Involvement in a KTP allows academics to apply their knowledge to a collaborative business project, using their expertise to guide and advise the Associate when required.

Benefits include:

  • an insight into business requirements/operations and the opportunity to develop business-relevant teaching materials
  • the opportunity to generate evidence and impact for the Research Excellence Framework (REF)
  • initiating new student projects (on average over two student projects are initiated by each KTP project)
  • the opportunity to publish research papers demonstrating research impact in a real world environment (on average over four publications are generated from each KTP project)
  • supervision of a high quality graduate, who may register for a higher degree.

One or more academics form part of the team that will deliver the KTP. In total the academic(s) spend ½ day per week on supervising the project; this time allocation is costed and paid into their department.

KTP and the Research Excellence Framework (REF)

Income from KTP is measurable research income under the REF

  • Research, case studies and outcomes from KTP form an integral part of the university's REF impact statements
  • KTP Associates who register for higher degrees during the KTP are measurable under the REF

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If you are interested in being part of a KTP, please contact:

Julia McFarlaneKTP Manager

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