KTPs enable businesses to access technology and expertise that reside in universities, to help them to innovate and grow.

On average, benefits that can be expected from a project are*:

  • £113k one-off increase in net profit during the KTP
  • Projected increase of over £1m in annual profits before tax
  • The creation of two new jobs
  • An increase in the skills of existing staff

(*latest statistics from Innovate UK)

Successful applications secure funding of up to 67% of project costs, with the company partner contributing the remaining funds (33-50%, depending on size of business). Companies can apply for R&D tax relief, potentially reducing costs further. The cost to a company is less than them recruiting a graduate directly, plus they get the additional benefits through accessing academic expertise and university facilities.

Companies from a range of sectors can apply for a KTP. To be eligible, companies should:

  • Have at least five employees
  • Have been running for at least two years
  • Have the infrastructure to support the KTP Associate and the project

A Knowledge Transfer Partnership project may involve:

  • Refining existing products, or designing new products.
  • Opening new markets for new or existing products.
  • Improving business, marketing or manufacturing systems.
  • Cutting costs and waste to run the business more efficiently.

Case Studies

See our case studies for some examples of KTPs we have run.

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