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Joy Welch Post-Doctoral grants fund


The Lancaster University Joy Welch Grants Fund provides an annual opportunity for Lancaster researchers to secure funding for post-doctoral research. Research across all discipline areas is open to consideration. The total budget for the 2023/24 call is £100,000 and a minimum of 12 awards will be made.

Lancaster University researchers are invited to apply for small grants which can run for up to 12 months in duration.

Opening date: Monday 8th January 2024

Closing date: Thursday 29th February 2024 at 5 pm

Joy Welch Application for 2024 Application Form


Any member of Lancaster University’s [post-doctoral] Academic or Research staff engaged in a contract that extends beyond the lifetime of the proposed project, is eligible to apply.

Only one Joy Welch Grant may be applied for by any one person in each academic year.


This call is open to all disciplines and projects must start between 1st April 2024 and 31st March 2025 and may run for up to a maximum of 12 months thereafter.

Funds will be awarded for directly incurred costs only e.g. travel, subsistence, small equipment (less than £10k), staff support, consultancy fees, and sub-contracting fees. Investigator salaries are not eligible for funding.

The Head of Department must provide a statement to confirm the applicant will be supported by the department (this is to be inserted into the JW funding application form).

Only applications submitted on the Joy Welch Post-Doctoral application form will be accepted.

An internal panel of four comprising cross-faculty academic representatives will review all applications and make award decisions.

The outcome will be communicated by email to the address on the application form by 30th March 2024. Feedback for unsuccessful applicants will not be provided.

No one project may apply for funding for more than three consecutive years, whether successful or not.

Proposals do not need to be costed and approved in ACP before submission, but applicants may seek advice on cost eligibility from Research Services - please contact

Note: Grantees of this internal scheme cannot use an award to count towards probationary targets or in a case for promotion.

Conditions of Award

  • Funding will only be released following ethical approval.
  • Details of successful awards will be published on the Lancaster University internet pages
  • Funding is available to staff only while they remain in the employ of Lancaster University.
  • All items of small equipment purchased will remain the property of Lancaster University, including laptops or other IT equipment.
  • The Associate Director of Research Services must approve any proposed changes to the research or planned expenditure.
  • Joy Welch Post-Doctoral Grant awards cannot be used to count towards probationary targets or used for a promotion case.
  • Any unspent funds at the end of the award will be returned to the Fund.
  • The contribution made by the Joy Welch Post-Doctoral Grant should be acknowledged in any future publications arising from this grant.
  • Grantees will be required to provide a one-page final report within one month of their grant end date with details of any project outcomes, e.g. publications, bids submitted, and further funding awarded.
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Joy Welch Post-Doctoral Grants Fund Results for previous years:

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Existing Research Funding

  • UKRI 27/3 'No-cost' extension requests to grants impacted by coronavirus will be allowed.
  • Wellcome offering more flexibility and support for staff who are ill/isolating/clinical/have caring responsibilities, in line with their host organisation policies

Researchers on Grants

Walport to UCU letter 26/3 notes it highlights “the needs and urgency of the workforce” and calls for help identifying the most pressing issues. UCU's letter called for UKG to extend current research grants and guarantee the incomes of fixed-term researchers at their current level. UCU propose:

  • eg redeploy any unspent direct costs such as on travel, conferences and workshops to extend the researcher’s fixed-term contracts during this current period.