Bid Library

As you are preparing your proposal, you may find it useful to consult a previous successful application.

The RDO team maintains a bid library, which hosts a selection of successful applications submitted to most of the major funders. The examples include many of the various funder schemes. The PIs of all these bids have agreed to have their proposals included in the bid library to assist academics at Lancaster University in the preparation of their own grant applications for funding. However, these library bids must not be shared or distributed to others, especially beyond this institution.

For information, please be aware that sometimes bids in the bid library require specific management around access and sharing due to the nature of the content e.g. a hard copy must be viewed in the office with the RDO. Where this is the case, RSO will be as flexible as possible to support access to these types of bid copies.

In order to receive an example of a successful application, please contact your RDO.

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