Letters of Support

It is common for a funder to require applicants to supply an institutional letter of support. These verify the institutions’ commitment to the project and include information on any extra resource being offered.

Please check the call guidance notes for what is required as this will vary with each case. Also, make sure to flag it with Research Services as soon as a costing request is submitted to ensure this is prepared in time for submission.

There are two routes for letters of support, please see below which applies to your specific call.

If the call requires a letter of support from your Head of Department (HoD) (e.g. EPSRC or ESRC New Investigator, MRC Fellowship etc.), then the responsibility for drafting and obtaining signatures lies with the Principal Investigator (PI). Always check the guidelines for details on what commitment the funder expects to see and be careful not to recycle previous content (as it may not be appropriate). Your HoD won’t necessarily check against the guidelines, therefore, it is very important to ensure the letter fully meets funder requirements prior to signing. It is recommended that you send Research Services a draft before submitting it to your HoD. Please approach your HoD early on in the process and follow your department’s standard procedure.

If the call requires a statement of institutional commitment at a level higher than HoD (e.g. ERC Starting Grant, Leverhulme Research Leadership Award, etc.), then liaise with your Research Development Officer (RDO). The Principal Investigator is still expected to draft the letter (see more details above); however, signatures will be obtained through Research Services. Please do not approach approvers directly; your RDO will do this on your behalf.

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