Match funding for equipment and other match funding

For Research Council applications large items of equipment will only be funded at 50% of the total cost. In some cases, other funders such as NWCR may also require a match funding contribution to equipment.

Match funding for equipment

Please check the individual Funder scheme for guidance on the eligibility of equipment requests. Certain items (e.g. those over the OJEU threshold) will require a business case and others will require up to three quotes.

There is an expectation from the Research Councils that the University will provide 50% match funding for equipment requests (items costing £10,000 or more including VAT). The University has set aside an equipment fund (the ‘Lancaster University Equipment Fund’ – LUEF) for match funding of Research Council equipment applications. This has now been widened to include other funding sources where match funding is required, e.g. charities.

The LUEF is held by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research, Professor Louise Heathwaite, and managed by Professor Rich Haley (Associate Dean for Resources FST requests) and Professor Roger Pickup (Associate Dean for Research FHM requests).

For Principal Investigators (PIs) in the Faculty of Science and Technology (FST), please discuss the equipment request with your Research Development Officer (RDO) who will then advise you to contact Professor Rich Haley with some specific details.

PIs in the Faculty of Health and Medicine (FHM), discuss the equipment request with your Research Development Officer (RDO) who will then advise you to contact Professor Roger Pickup with some specific details.

PIs in other Faculties should speak to their Research Development Officer in the first instance.

Your request for match funding should include VAT and Import Duty (where applicable). Please also ensure appropriate carriage is included with any quote.

Once your match funding request has been approved, please send confirmation to your RDO/RSA who will arrange a signed institutional letter that can be attached to the grant application.

Other match funding

The University expects all Directly Incurred costs of research to be covered on a per-project basis. Where direct costs for a project are not covered in full (either by 100% from the Funder or by offsetting with Directly Allocated income), the Principal Investigator should explore the possibility of match funding with their department in the first instance.