Staff Recruitment

RSO supports the recruitment of staff onto research grants in different ways.

Project Admin

If your grant has funding for an administrator, RSO should be consulted to agree the appropriate grading of this post against the tasks needed for grant management before it is entered onto Stonefish. A member of RSO will be chosen to assist the PI during recruitment, including interview, to ensure that the chosen candidate has the required skills and experience in financial management. The current contact for this is Becky Gordon, Research Support and Systems Manager.

Research Staff

If research staff are to be appointed on a research project, a staff request form will be completed by the department on Stonefish for new appointments or on CORE for contract amendments. This will be approved by the HoD and sent to the Dean and RSO PA for final approval before the post is advertised or a staff contract is amended by Human Resources.

RSO PA checks the details of the request and calculates the expected cost taking into account inflation and spinal point increases. Any shortfall between budgets and expected cost is discussed with the PI and department before the staff form is approved by a Post-Award Team Leader and sent to HR via the appropriate workflow.

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